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Dietary needs vary so greatly from individual to individual.

Why? Humans don't live in a vacuum, on the contrary, our environment shapes every facet of our being. Some aspects of our personal existence are not chosen. For example; our family, where we were raised, what we were fed as children, how we were taught to react to stimuli, how we were taught to interact with other individuals, personality traits, how we digest, learn, love.

Some things that constitute our body’s environment are chosen lifestyle factors; like how frequently we move our body, how long we sleep, whether we smoke or use substances, how stressful our work environment is, the people we surround ourselves with, our values, whether we reside in an urban or a rural environment, conscious responses to stimuli, and what we consume.

As you can imagine, the combination of these factors is what LITERALLY MAKES US. It is through THESE factors that our genes are either expressed or repressed, as discovered by a fairly new-ish field of science called epigenetics.

This is why identical twins with the same genes and raised the same way can express their genetic makeup in entirely different ways. Through chosen lifestyle factors, one of the twins may be perfectly healthy, while the other may die of cancer after years of consistent exposure to something that tells a gene to express cancer. <----------- interested?! Check it.

This is why pre-screening for genes that may cause disease isn’t effective. Preventing disease with chosen lifestyle is the ONLY effective way to prevent disease!

One of the most influential lifestyle factors that is the EASIEST to manipulate is…



That’s right. You can decide what your cells eat and ultimately become, and what genes are expressed by changing these factors YOURSELF.


Find out what makes YOUR body run efficiently. Some of the most sound, succinct dietary advice ever given came from the wise Michael Pollan ---

“Eat real food, not too much, mostly plants.”


Thanks, Michael. We like it simple.

Michael Pollan is the author of a giant body of work that I LOVE. Most notably, his recent netflix docu-series Cooked, and books like The Omnivore's Dilemma, and In Defense of Food. These are some really great resources if you are ready to receive some actionable advice, and examine the way humans collectively consume.

He also tours like a boss.

Of course, taking such simplistic advice is not as easy as it may seem. The biggest challenge for me was the "not too much" part. It became a grey area that fluctuated based on my mood. If emotions are running particularly high, chances of my adhering to any of this ambiguous advice are next to nothing.

Emotional eating is a long story for another day. I’ve been really focusing in on the not too much phrase as of late, and lo and behold, I found a SOLUTION!

Welcome your new



consistent dietary advisor.

Portion control, people. Don’t squirm! Portion size is a massive problem in the Standard American Diet (Supersize that?) that I’ve ranted about previously. And c'mon, you've all heard it by now. So I’ll leave out the what you should NOT do and focus on what you SHOULD!

The best part?! This is a SIMPLE system that can be utilized by anybody and everybody.

Allergies, dietary preferences, existing diseases, and motivation-lacking humans.

(Check with your doctor if you’re concerned, of course)

Here's how it works.

You're allotted a particular number of containers in each category.

You MUST measure your food in these containers. Try it. The discrepancy between our idea of one portion and the actual portion size is astronomical. (Thanks, SAD)

Of course, I'm not painstakingly measuring everything before it goes into my mouth.

That would be silly and time consuming.

Instead, I've joined the ranks of MEAL PREPPERS!!

And MAN, has it positively impacted my health in so many ways... less stress, more time, clean eats.

Yeah, it takes an afternoon of shopping, dancing around my kitchen, measuring out my meals, and planning my week.

Then boom, I'm done. And my whole life is substantially improved for the week. It's fantastic.

There are so many ideas for meal prepping that align with YOUR dietary preferences or allergies, just look 'em up in the depths of the interwebs, pinterest, or instagram. The best resource is the beachbody website; it includes container counts, calorie brackets, and shopping lists.

I have a complete blog post about my prepping method in the works, stay tuned.

Color coded portion control containers just make things THAT much easier. Here are some color coded shopping lists to help you know what kind of stuff you can eat (pretty much everything), and what category it is.

VEGAN?! No problemo. And kudos.

More vegan info, straight from the source:

This is the epitome of the ANTI-DIET.

We are advocating EATING FOOD. Yay!!! Hitting all your bases to get a broad range of macro and micro-nutrients.

Chronic under nourishment leads to chronic overeating.

This container method is AMAZING. We're talking metabolism boosting, hormones regulating, disease preventing, ideal weight arriving, energy enhancing, beauty inducing, good mood promoting, drop dead AMAZING.

This is NOT another short term, fad, crash diet disaster.

This is the promotion of a lasting HEALTHY LIFESTYLE FACTOR, that has the power to change your life.

While honoring your individuality.

I am SO honored to have the opportunity to guide humans on their journey to their personal optimal self!

Please email me if you'd like more information about the container system, or if you are interested in being a part of one of my accountability groups. Having some motivated people on your side to answer questions and cheer you on when you need it can be invaluable on this journey.

---------------------------------------------------------> <--------------------------------------------------------------

I can't wait to connect with you! Check me out on Facebook, too:

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