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Journey of self expression & healing

When I took my first yoga class

It wasn't to connect to my self.

It wasn't to gain confidence.

It wasn't to feel empowered.

It wasn't to find quiet.

Those were BYPRODUCTS, discovered years after regular practice.

When I took my first yoga class, it was to lose weight and get "toned."

I needed intensity

I was just beginning to pull the pieces of my life back together after ripping it all apart.

It wasn't pretty.

I needed the dang intensity of Bikram yoga to shake me awake.

I never sweat so much in my life.

Wait, was it sweat or tears??

I walked out of the humid shala, into the cool, basement air at a smelly Bikram studio and felt like a brand-new human.

Like all my sins were washed away ((if only...))

I could do anything.

This was my born-again moment.

I know, it's crazy.

And it doesn't always happen like that.

But when you need it, things just become meaningful in an incomprehensible, larger-than-life way.

Live Your Yoga

It takes some people several tries to find a practice that speaks to them. Here are some tips.

  1. Take advantage of the "new student special," as MANY times as possible! I still do this around town to see what's out there. Meet new teachers, students, environments.
  2. Find your home. Shop around until you find the studio that feels like home to you. It's out there, and it's an amazing feeling.
  3. Stop paying. If you can afford to financially support your favorite studio owners, do it! If you want to get more involved and save some money, see if there's a "work exchange" program at your studio. For a couple hours per week, you could earn yourself free class!
  4. Get involved. Take workshops, hang out after class, and chat with teachers. Humans crave connection. This might be your outlet for finding like-minded peeps. 
  5. Express yourself. This dance with an authentic state of being? It gets sweeter each time you let it grace your body. As you learn more about your self; how you reacts to external stimuli, and how your internal landscape can be transformed. It comes through movement and stillness arranged in a meaningful way. Any mode you choose for self expression, it will be powerful. My promise to you. 

Transform the internal landscape, forever change your life.

It works if you work it

This self-awareness is profound for anyone.

It works for every body.

You don't have to be "good" at yoga, the most advanced, the thinnest, or pack the hugest classes.

This is YOUR practice.

You can use this blend of movement and stillness however YOU want.

Dance around your house naked, take classes, watch videos, connect with people.

However it calls to you, this practice is yours.

Let judgement of self and others slip away.

It's time to focus on your journey of acceptance, and continue OWNING it over and over again.

This is why movement practice, and self-expression can be so powerful.

This is magic healing.

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